NABBA Muscle War 2016


NABBA/WFF is a worldwide governing body for competitive bodybuilding and athletic performance. “Muscle War 2016” includes more than 10 categories for both male and female body builders to participate in. The event had more than 100 contestants. We are proud to be appointed by Mr Dennis Tew (NABBA/WFF Asia Vice President) as a sponsor for the event.


BB Beauty at NABBA Muscle War 2016

Our role was to spray tan the contestants before the actual event. The contestants had trained hard over the months and they need to look their best under the spotlights. Spray tanning helps to highlight the lines of the contestant’s muscle groups under the strong lighting, which helps in scoring with the judges of the competition.

NABBA Muscle War Backstage 2 NABBA Muscle War Backstage 1 NABBA Muscle War Backstage 4

Photos of the dressing room for spray tanning

Other photos