BB Beauty with Youfa

NutriGirl 2016 Workshop 2

As a sponsor for NutriGirl 2016, we conducted the 2nd workshop for the contestants on 27th February 2016. 5 of the contestants attended the workshop.

We were honored to have both Youfa and Shawna with us at the workshop.


The workshop


The workshop started with the girls understanding more about our manicure and pedicure services. We had one of the contestant volunteering to be our model. Express manicure, extension, and nail designs were done for our model.


Our staff doing manicure for one of the contestants

Nail Design

One of the hand completed

Spray Tanning

We then proceeded to introducing the contestants to our spray tanning service. Another of the contestants volunteered for the spray tanning demonstration.


After spray tanning


For our waxing treatment, we managed to convince Shawna to be our model :)

Shawna Waxing

Shawna getting ready for half arm waxing


End of workshop

Once the workshop was done, it was time for a group photo with the girls and Mr Eddie Ho of 6 Productions.

NutrilGirl 2016 - Group Photo


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NutrilGirl 2016 Workshop 1

Today, as a sponsor for NutriGirl 2016,  we conducted our very 1st workshop for the contestants. The purpose of the workshop was to introduce to the girls the services that we provide, namely waxing, spray tanning, manicure/pedicure and permanent hair removal, and how these treatments can help them in the Final.


Quick Fact

NutriGirl 2016 is a pageant choreographed by 6 Productions. The girls undergo a few months of physical training before the Final where they would compete against each other. This year, there are a total of 37 contestants taking part in the pageant. 13 of them turned up for this workshop.


The workshop

The workshop was conducted at our Arcade outlet. During the workshop, our staff explain the various waxing treatment process. A full leg waxing demonstration was also done on one of the girls. During the demonstration, it was made clear to the girls that we do not compromise on our hygiene level. Spatulas are thrown as soon as the wax is applied. They are not reused or double dipped. Tools are also sterlised after each treatment.


Our staff introducing waxing and permanent hair removal to the girls

Collage of waxing model

Collage photo of our waxing model

The girls will need to look tanned during their photo shoots and the Final at Zouk. Our spray tanning services help the girls to achieve the required tan without the harmful effects of UV rays. Unfortunately, no spray tanning demonstration was done due to time constraint.

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