CPL Permanent Hair Removal

Calibrated Pulsed Light (CPL) is a type of calibrated, broadband, coherent light source which has a wavelength spectrum of 420nm – 1200nm. With these special properties, the CPL has a wide application in non-ablative therapies based on theory of human skin tissue’s selective absorption and photothermolysis of light sources. CPL treatment is more effective and allow our customers to recover more quickly than conventional therapies.

CPL is used for our permanent hair removal treatment.

Advantages of CPL Treatment are:

  • Non-ablative
  • Non-painful
  • Simple and quick treatment
  • No down time post treatment

How it works

The wavelength spectrum that CPL has maximises the selective targeting of melanin pigments in the hair strand. Light absorbed by the melanin in the hair is converted to heat and effectively destroying the hair follicle. The principle of photothermolysis takes advantage of the amount of pigment found in hair. The greater the amount of pigment the more effective the treatment.

Benefits of CPL Treatments

  • Hair do not grow back with permanent hair removal treatment *.
  • Pubic and underarm area feel more comfortable once the hair starts to fall off in hot humid Singapore.
  • Avoid embarrassment caused by exposure of unsightly hair while wearing bikini or sleeveless clothing.
  • Sporty customers also find themselves cleaner without the hair trapping the perspiration.

* Some fine hair may still grow